Doorstop Interview – Sydney – Wednesday 20 September 2023


SUBJECTS: Voice referendum.

JASON CLARE, MINISTER FOR EDUCATION: Thanks for coming along. I want to make a few comments about the Referendum.

First, I want to thank Barry O’Farrell for his support for the yes campaign. The strong words of support he gave yesterday. Barry is a mate of mine. He’s a great Australian. He’s also a former Liberal Premier of NSW. And I make that point because this is not a Labor idea, it’s not a Liberal idea. Importantly, it’s not the idea of politicians. This is the idea of Indigenous Australians. It’s important that it’s not the idea of politicians, because politicians have failed here. And the gap that still exists between Indigenous Australians and non Indigenous Australians proves that. It proves that this is a mess. And voting yes is a chance to clean up the mess. Voting no equals no solutions.

I also want to give a quick shout out to Cathy Freeman and thank Cathy for her strong support for the yes campaign. Cathy is a genuine Aussie hero and her support means a lot.

At the same time as Cathy was calling on Australians to vote yes, we found out yesterday that a rally this weekend by the no campaign is being organised by a bloke who is holed up in the Russian Consulate. And I think that tells you everything. On the yes side, you’ve got a genuine Aussie hero in Cathy Freeman, and on the no side, you’ve got rallies being organised inside the Russian Consulate. That tells you everything you need to know.

As I said before, Indigenous Australians have come forward with this idea. It’s their idea, and they’re reaching out their hand and asking us to shake it. In a couple of weekends, we get that chance. Australians get a chance to shake that hand or slap it away, and I’m confident that Australians will shake that hand and help to build an even better and fairer country. Thank you.