Press Conference – Sydney – Wednesday 6 April 2022


SUBJECTS: Scott Morrison wasting tax payers’ money, Scott Morrison lying about Gladys Berejiklian text messages. 
JASON CLARE, SHADOW MINISTER FOR HOUSING AND HOMELESSNESS: The court decision yesterday means that Scott Morrison now has no more excuses for delaying calling the election. It’s time to stop the delays, stop wasting time and stop wasting taxpayers’ money. Every single day that Scott Morrison delays calling the election, he’s wasting taxpayers’ money on TV ads to save his own political skin. Every day he’s spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of your money to try to save himself and his government. At the moment, Scott Morrison is running seven different advertising campaigns across the country and putting his hand in your pocket to pay for them. At a time where the cost of everything around the country is going up, Scott Morrison is putting his hand in your pocket to pay for his TV ads to try to save his own political skin. And it’s not just TV ads. This week, Scott Morrison spent millions and millions of dollars of your money giving his mates plum jobs at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. The rorts and the waste have got to stop. 

The Australian people know that they can’t trust Scott Morrison with their money. We also found out this week, again, that Liberal Party MPs don’t trust Scott Morrison full stop. Every couple of days, another Liberal MP comes out of the woodwork and says that Scott Morrison is a liar or that they’re not going to vote for Scott Morrison at the next election. This started months ago with leaked text messages. Now you’ve got Liberal MPs coming out in the open and attacking the Prime Minister’s character and credibility. This is not the Labor Party saying this. These are members of Scott Morrison’s own team. The Liberal Party is effectively falling apart here. On the 730 Report last night, Scott Morrison said these are just people with an axe to grind. Well, these are people with an axe, but they’re not grinding it. They’re swinging it and then swinging it at Scott Morrison. The Australian people have got to ask themselves, if you’ve got Liberal Party Members of Parliament who say they can’t trust Scott Morrison, then why should the Australian people? And if you’ve got Liberal Party Members of Parliament saying they’re not going to vote for Scott Morrison, why should the Australian people? 

One more thing on that 730 report interview that Scott Morrison did last night. Once again last night, he said that Gladys Berejiklian never sent a text message calling him a horrible, horrible person. Again, that’s just another lie from Scott Morrison. We’ve got the evidence here. Here’s the actual text message, and it says “Morrison is a horrible, horrible person. He’s actively spreading lies and briefing against me RE the fires,” with an angry face emoji. That’s the text message from Gladys Berejiklian. There’s the smoking gun. Scott Morrison has got to stop lying, he’s got to stop wasting taxpayers’ money and he’s got to stop delaying and just call the election now. Thanks very much.