Doorstop – Another Leak: Malcolm Turnbull’s NBN in chaos


SUBJECT/S: Another Leak – Malcolm Turnbull’s NBN in chaos

JASON CLARE, SHADOW MINISTER FOR COMMUNICATIONS: Another day, another leak. This is the second leaked document from NBN Co this week. You’ll remember on Monday there was a leaked document from NBN that showed massive delays in the rollout of their copper NBN and an increase in the cost of rolling out the copper NBN. This leaked document that is revealed in the Sydney Morning Herald today shows that the cost of rolling out the real NBN, fibre NBN, is coming down.

This is an extraordinarily damaging leak for Malcolm Turnbull because it shows that Malcolm Turnbull has been lying about the real cost of rolling out the real NBN. It shows that Malcolm Turnbull is denying millions of Australians access to the real NBN. Will he change his mind based on this evidence and rollout the real NBN to millions more Australians? I doubt it, because Malcolm Turnbull is too arrogant to admit that he was wrong.

Happy to take questions.

JOURNALIST: Isn’t going to just cost more money to change from one to the other and then change back again?

CLARE: This is the big mistake that Malcolm Turnbull made. He thought he could change horses mid-course. He thought that he could switch from building the real NBN to the copper NBN and it would be simple. The evidence has proven that it hasn’t. The cost has doubled, the time it is going to take to build the NBN has doubled, the cost of fixing the dodgy copper has blown out by 1,000 per cent and where they are switching it on around the country it’s not working properly. And as we saw on Monday the time it is taking to rollout the copper NBN is blowing out as well.

Malcolm Turnbull has made a mess of the NBN. He has been a failure as Communications Minister and this leaked report today shows that the cost of rolling out the real NBN, fibre NBN, is significantly cheaper than Malcolm Turnbull has said it is.

JOURNALIST: So you would like him to change horses mid-course again?

CLARE: What I would like Malcolm Turnbull to do is to stop lying. He’s being lying about the real cost of rolling out the NBN. This leaked document from trials of rolling out a skinnier fibre version of fibre-to-the-premises in Ballarat as well as Karingal has shown that they can roll out fibre-to-the-premises significantly cheaper as well as faster.

If Malcolm Turnbull was as nimble and as agile as he claims to be then he would implement the recommendations of this trial instead of trying to bury it.

JOURNALIST: [Inaudible].

CLARE: You are referring to the story of the front page of The Australian, Chris Bowen has been here this morning talking about this. That report looks to me like absolute rubbish. The assumptions in it are all wrong. I think the GDP figure in the report is out by more than a trillion dollars – not small bickies. If this report was serious, if it’s something that you would expect the good people of the Australian Parliamentary Press Gallery to take seriously then you would at least want to know who commissioned the report.

It’s all part, I suspect, of this pretty ordinary scare campaign by Malcolm Turnbull. At least Tony Abbott was good at scare campaigns. Tony Abbott was seriously scary. Tony Abbott was like the Darth Vader of scare campaigns, whereas Malcolm Turnbull he tries to be scary but it’s hard to take him seriously. He’s like the Jar Jar Binks of scare campaigns, you can’t take anything he says seriously when he tries to be scary.

Thanks very much.