BILLS – Education Legislation Amendment (Startup Year and Other Measures) Bill 2023 – Consideration in Detail

Mr CLARE (BlaxlandMinister for Education) (12:42): I thank the member for Mackellar for bringing forward this amendment. It’s a simple one, but I think it’s a very practical one as well and the government will support it. We want these loans to be as easy to understand as possible and the member for Mackellar’s amendment helps with that. As I said, it’s a very simple and practical amendment and we will support it.

Maybe if I can flag in the House, as I did in main committee in wrapping up that debate last night, that, in conversations with the shadow minister for education, we’ve agreed that this bill should be the subject of a Senate inquiry that might take place over April while the parliament is in recess. We look forward to that to see whether there are any other practical amendments which might even further improve the bill. I thank the member for Mackellar for bringing this before the House