Coalition Government

Mr CLARE (Blaxland) (13:53): There’s a lot wrong with this government, but here are my top 10.

No. 10: they reckon they’re great economic managers. Yeah, right! Last year economic growth was less here than it was in Greece.

No. 9: wages are flat as a tack. It’s easier to get a sports grant in a safe seat at the moment than it is for most people to get a decent pay rise.

No. 8: the cost of living is through the roof. Childcare costs, for example, have gone up by 34 per cent.

No. 7: wholesale power prices have gone up under this government by a whopping 158 per cent.

No. 6: aged-care waiting lists have blown out by a massive 300 per cent.

No. 5 is the dodgy, second-rate NBN. In the last six years we’ve gone from 30th in the world for internet speeds to now 68th.

No. 4 is climate change. They’ve got no plan on that. No wonder—most of them think climate change is something that happens when you go to Hawaii for a holiday!

No. 3: they’re always at each other’s throats; the bloke who tried to put down Johnny Depp’s dogs was at it again this week.

No. 2: the bushfires exposed that we have a Prime Minister who doesn’t want to lead or doesn’t know how to.

And No. 1—we know what it is—the sports rorts scandal. That was the rorting of $100 million of taxpayer money—just plain old corruption.

The Australian people are starting to work this mob out. They could smell smoke in January and they can smell the stench of corruption from that side of the House now.