Paul Keating Lecture

Paul Keating Lecture


It’s 50 years ago this year that Paul Keating was first elected to this place.

It’s actually 50 years ago next week.

Paul served here as the Member for Blaxland for almost 27 years.

As we all know, he also became the 24th Prime Minister of Australia and transformed our economy and our country.

On the weekend I announced the establishment of an Annual Paul Keating Lecture.

Paul is Bankstown Boy.

Every year Bankstown will host a prominent Australian to talk to us about what Paul Keating did for our country and what we can learn from him to build a stronger Labor Party and a better Australia.

The first lecture will be held on 7th November at the Bryan Brown Theatre in Bankstown.

Paul will be there and Paul’s good friend and mine Chris Bowen will deliver the first lecture.

The lecture is also supported by Western Sydney University which is building a new vertical campus on the edge of Paul Keating Park in the heart of Bankstown and they will be making a very special announcement on the night.

As I said, announced the lecture on the weekend.  Tickets are already almost all gone.

Encourage to get on website and reserve a ticket or get name on the wait list.

It promises to a great night with the great man himself.