2 Years of Turnbull in 90 Seconds


Tomorrow Malcolm Turnbull’s Government turns two – and what a cracking two years it’s been.

Debt’s gone up.

The deficit’s gone up.

Electricity prices have gone up – through the roof.

And taxes have gone up.

Almost everyone now has to pay more tax – unless of course you’re a millionaire.

If you are a millionaire this year you got a $16,000 tax cut.

What else:
Cuts to schools.
Cuts to TAFE.
Cuts to universities.
Cuts to pension supplements.
Cuts to penalty rates.

He stuffed up the NBN – it’s doubled in cost and still doesn’t work properly.

He introduced laws to make it easier to be racist.

But refuses to introduce laws to make it easier to marry.

They’ve refused to set up a Royal Commission into the banks.

Stuffed up the Census.

Caved in on climate change.

And even had to make 5 Ministers resign.

One because she went real estate shopping on the Gold Coast on the taxpayer dime, and another because his mum made him Italian.

My mum made me Italian the other night – it was terrific.  Spaghetti Bolognaise. But I didn’t have to resign.

It’s not all bad though – he hasn’t knighted anyone yet.  I don’t think he’s eaten any raw onions yet.  Maybe a few truffles.

So on behalf of the Australian Parliament happy birthday Malcolm.  The millionaires of Australia salute you.