Bankstown Jobs Expo

This Thursday in Bankstown there’s a Jobs Expo on.

This is a very simple idea.

It brings together employers that have got jobs and unemployed people who are looking for a job, and puts them in the one room to help to fill those jobs.

It’s like a jobs supermarket.

A very, very simple idea and it’s an idea that works.

It’s what we did during the Global Financial Crisis.

I was Parliamentary Secretary for Employment at the time and we held 29 of these Jobs Expos across the country – in areas that had been hardest hit by the GFC.

As I said, a simple idea, and it worked.

We managed to help more than 12,000 people find a job through this very simple basic common sense process.

And we kept them going after the GFC had ended.

Unfortunately one of the first decisions that the Abbott Government made was to abandon this.

I use this opportunity to encourage Malcolm Turnbull to bring these Jobs Expos back.

Fortunately Canterbury Bankstown Council has continued to do this after they were abandoned by this Government, and they’re now running their third Jobs Expo.

So if you live in Western Sydney and you’re looking for a job get down to Bankstown Library this Thursday, between 9:30 and 2:30.

There are more than 1,000 jobs on offer, and one of them could be the one that you’ve been looking for.

MEDIA ENQUIRIES: 02 9790 2466