Turnbull to Make it Legal to Say Racist Hateful Things

The Prime Minister has just announced that he’s going to make it legal to offend or insult or humiliate people based on the colour of their skin.

This is not us. 

This is not the sort of country we ought to be.

We’re not a racist country.

But from time to time hurtful racist things are said.

They don’t usually affect people who look like me, but they do affect my wife, my family and my community.

I represent a community where more than 50% of the people were born overseas, and this is going to hurt them.

Because what the Prime Minister has just done today is send a message to the whole country that it’s OK to say hurtful, racist things.

I say to the Liberal Party – what do you want to say that you can’t say now? 

I say this more in sadness than in anger – I thought the Prime Minister was better than this.

This is the sort of thing you’d expect Pauline Hanson to do, not Malcolm Turnbull.

It’s not going to create one job across this country, but it will tear at our community.

So why is he doing this?

He’s doing it to save his job. Because he’s weak. Because he doesn’t have the courage to stand up to the right wing extremists in his own party.

And the tragedy is this – it’s my community, the people that I represent, that are going to pay the price for Malcolm Turnbull’s weakness.