Mrs Anna Cecchin; Mr Norman White

In 1945 she moved to Yagoona, and she has lived there ever since. During the Second World War, Anna worked in the Arnott’s factory and produced biscuits for the Army ration packs. Her late husband, Victor, served with the Australian Army and lived a long and fruitful life, living to the age of 83. In March, Anna celebrated her 100th birthday.

On Friday, I popped into the Greenacre Nursing Home to see another centurion-and a chocoholic. Norman White, with his wife, Rosa, only moved into the nursing home in January of this year. They had lived together at home in Earlwood until then, until he was 99½. Norman loves his chocolate and he loves the railways, having worked for them for 48 years.

It was a privilege to meet these two very special constituents-one who has lived in the local community for 63 years and the other who has just moved in. I wish them both a very special 100th birthday.’