Blaxland Electorate: Primary Schools

Let us be the government that again invests in public education. Let us be the government that ensures postcodes do not determine opportunity.

It is no small request, but I am proud to stand here, almost 12 months later, feeling sure in the knowledge that we are that government. The announcement by the Prime Minister last week means that more than $99,975,000 will go to those schools-almost $100 million. Most of it will go to the 39 primary schools in Blaxland-39 places that will help to determine the future of this country and 39 places that really need our help.

That is what has been told to me by the principals that I have spoken to over the last 12 months. It is what they have told me in the principals’ forums that I have convened over the last 12 months. I will use this opportunity to read onto the record some of their thoughts on the announcement from last week. This is Mark Diamond, Principal of Lansvale Public School:

I am delighted that Public Primary Schools are finally being recognised for the vital role they play in community building. We all know that if you want to make a difference, you start with the youngest students in schools. It is about time primary schools received their share of the investment the government is making in the future. I could cry when I think about the potential projects I could undertake on behalf of my learning community with this funding. The palpable lift members of our community feel when school improvements occur is significant. I know that I am biased, but I can’t think of a more appropriate way to stimulate the economy.

This is from Kay Campbell, Principal of Old Guildford Public School:

We are over the moon about the billions of dollars to target infrastructure in Primary schools. This is a fantastic initiative, I have discussed the possibilities with our parent community and they are absolutely ecstatic. We have waited so long for recognition that Primary education plays a vital role in the formative years of every child’s life. Even more so in the disadvantaged schools where communities are unable to ensure that students also get the best possible buildings and facilities. Thank you for putting Primary education back on the political agenda, a well educated and harmonious community is critical to our country’s future successes. What wiser investment could we make?

What indeed, Mr Deputy Speaker?