Serving Our Community

Attestation of Federal Police Development Program

Australian Federal Police College, Barton, ACT


For the past year I’ve had the privilege of being Minister for Defence Materiel.

That has meant working with the men and women of the Australian Defence Force, here at home, and overseas in Afghanistan, East Timor and the Solomon Islands.

Men and women who dedicate their lives to Australia’s national security.

As I stand here today, I see the uniforms have changed but the dedication is the same.

I see men and women who have chosen a career of service.

Who will risk their own safety to protect others.

And who will dedicate their careers to making our country a safer place.

Thank you.

For signing up to this great police force.

For coming here to Canberra for long months of training.

And for the very important work you will do as a sworn constable.

The most important responsibility of Government is to protect its citizens – and keep them safe.

This responsibility is now also yours.

The decisions you make, and the actions you take, will protect the lives of many.

I know this responsibility won’t be entirely new.

Many of you have served as Investigative Assistants and Protective Service Officers.

You also bring experience from other agencies – like Army, state governments and the Attorney General’s Department.

I know some of you are from AFP families:

  • Trent’s wife works for the AFP in Sydney; and
  • Callum’s dad is a former Assistant Commissioner of the AFP

I also know that every one of you have made big personal sacrifices to make it to this stage of your career today.

Not just running up Mount Ainslie yesterday – but being away from friends and family for a long time.

I know that many of you are mums and dads of young children.

And that Shane’s baby boy was born just a few weeks ago.

I can only imagine how difficult the past few weeks must have been.

Thank you.

You are joining an outstanding organisation.

A police force that in the last financial year:

  • Achieved a 99 per cent conviction rate for cases brought before the courts;
  • Seized more than $41 million in criminal assets – more than double the last year; and
  • Boosted the number of drugs and chemicals seized by more than 300 per cent.

Like the Australian Defence Force – the AFP have men and women service in Afghanistan, East Timor and the Solomon Islands.

I have seen the outstanding work they are doing in each of these places over the past six months.

And I am looking forward to seeing more of it – from you – in the months and years ahead.

Congratulations – and the best of luck.