Protecting Australia

Attestation of Protective Service Officers

Australian Federal Police College, Barton, ACT

It’s a privilege to be here today – amongst a group of people who have chosen a career of service.

Protective Service Officers do a very important job.

Day and night.

Every hour and minute of the year.

Protecting some of the most important places in our community.

Not just government buildings and embassies in Canberra, but military facilities like:

  • The Pine Gap Joint Defence Space Research Facility in the Northern Territory;
  • Navy’s HMAS Kuttabul base on Garden Island in Sydney; and
  • Headquaters Joint Operations Command in Bungendore.

The protection of these places is crucial to our National Security.

That’s the job each of you has signed up to.

Thank you.

I was looking through the list of the jobs you’ve done before: Bus Driver, Construction Worker, Storeman, Kick Boxing Instructor.

The experience you bring, from range of backgrounds, will make you better Protective Service Officers.

You have chosen a career that will make our country a safer place.

And I know that many of you have made big sacrifices to do this.

Patrick celebrated his 21st Birthday on the course.

Wade’s wife gave birth to their third child over Christmas.

And as you know – you’re going to be called on to make more sacrifices throughout your career.

For that I thank you in advance.

The significance of your work will make these sacrifices worthwhile.

Some of the most important work you will do may never be seen or publicised.

It may be done late at night.

Or behind closed doors.

But the impact of your work will be felt everywhere.

It will contribute to the security enjoyed by all Australians.

It will make our country a safer place.

Congratulations on making it to today – and the best of luck for the years to come.