Deputy Speaker, another day, another broken promise.

Fourteen times before the last election the Prime Minister promised no adverse changes to superannuation.

He must have a case of abbnesia because yesterday he broke that promise.

As the result of a dodgy deal in the Senate, they have scrapped superannuation increases for 8.5 million Australians for the next seven years.

That means millions of Australians will retire with thousands of dollars less.

As The Australian newspaper said today, if you are 40 and you are on $70,000 a year then you will retire with $19,000 less.

If you are 30 and you are on $100,000 a year you will retire with about $39,000 less.

Welcome to Tony Abbott’s Australia – where you work longer and you retire with less. Less in the pension and less in superannuation.

Superannuation is one of the biggest and most important economic reforms in this country in the last hundred years, created by Paul Keating and Bill Kelty.

This mob voted against it at the time, they still do not believe in superannuation.

It shows how out of touch they are and it shows the people of Australia that at the next election, if you vote Liberal not only are you voting for a $7 tax to go to the doctor, to double cost of university degrees or cut indexation to pensions, you’ll also be voting to have less money when they retire.