Turnbull’s Foreign Worker Fraud

Turnbull’s Foreign Worker Fraud

Senate Estimates has revealed the Turnbull Government will continue to waive labour market testing in current and future trade negotiations despite claims from the Government its new short term visa system would get tough on foreign workers.

Earlier in the year, the Prime Minister said:

“If a job is able to be done by an Australian it should be done by an Australian. Every nation is entitled to take that point of view and we certainly do.”

Sky News, 12 April 2017

When announcing the Government’s changes to the temporary work visa scheme, the Prime Minister said:

“It will require in almost all cases, the majority of cases, mandatory labour market testing.”

Press Conference, 18 April 2017

However the Government has traded away labour market testing in every free trade agreement it has signed or negotiated. The removal of labour market testing by this Government means companies are able to bring in workers from Japan, China and South Korea without first testing if there’s an Australian who can do the job.

Last night in Senate Estimates DFAT officials confirmed the Government would continue to waive labour market testing in future agreements:


“The existing offers that Australia has put on the table as part of those negotiations will remain on the table and the Government has indicated that Australia should still be in a position to make commitments on temporary movement in the context of an overall successful agreement where there is a balance of benefits in such agreements.”

Senate Estimates, 1 June 2017

The Turnbull Government is currently negotiating a number of trade agreements with the European Union, Peru, Indonesia, UK, India and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. If labour market testing is waived in these negotiations, more than 75% of current short term work visa applicants would not be subject to labour market testing.

Evidence from the Department confirms this Government cannot be trusted when it comes to putting Australians first.

Only a Labor Government will ensure every Australian has the best opportunity to find local employment.