Release of Teacher Education Expert Panel discussion paper

Today the Teacher Education Expert Panel has released its Discussion Paper on how teaching is taught at universities.

This is the next step in strengthening initial teacher education programs to deliver confident, effective, classroom ready graduates.

The Discussion Paper focuses on several areas for reform, including:

  • Strengthening initial teacher education programs
  • Drawing a stronger link between performance and funding of initial teacher education
  • Improving practical teaching experience
  • Enhancing postgraduate teacher education for mid-career entrants

The Discussion Paper is open for consultation until 21 April 2023.

A report including recommendations for consideration will be provided to the Australian Government before 30 June 2023.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Education Jason Clare:

“There aren’t many jobs more important than being a teacher and we don’t have enough of them.

“I want more people bursting out of high school wanting to be a teacher rather than a lawyer or a banker.

“Not enough people who start a teaching degree finish it either.

“In the first few months in this job I have got a better insight into how hard and complex the work of a teacher is.

“The work of the Expert Panel will be important in helping us to strengthen initial teacher education, increase completion rates and deliver more classroom ready graduates.”

Quotes attributable to Teacher Education Expert Panel Chair Professor Mark Scott AO:

“Teaching is a tough job and it is increasingly demanding – but it can also be incredibly valuable and rewarding.

“We have to work together across the country to improve conditions for teachers and raise standards for students.

“Initial teacher education can play a significant role in making sure our future teachers are properly prepared for the classroom and that they are spending time on the things that matter most.”