Education Ministers to focus on teacher shortage

On 12 August Education Ministers from around the country will meet in Canberra for the first in person Education Ministers meeting in more than a year.

The first half of this meeting will be a Teacher Workforce Roundtable focussed on tackling the nationwide teacher shortage.

The Roundtable will include principals, teachers and education experts.

It will be held prior to the Jobs Summit so that ideas generated can be fed into those discussions.

Our teachers are incredibly important, and we don’t have enough of them. We’ve got a teacher shortage right around the country at the moment. There’s a lot we need to do to fix that.

Not enough young people are becoming teachers when they leave school and lots of teachers are leaving the profession burnt out.  

This week the Albanese Government announced visa applications will be prioritised. This is an example of a practical measure we can take to help.

It is just the first step. It is critical we work collaboratively to find ways we can encourage more people to become teachers and keep teachers doing the important work they do. 

An issues paper will be provided to form the basis of the discussion and will be published shortly.