Dream Team backs Labor’s Affordable Housing Plan


Labor’s affordable housing policy, the Housing Australia Future Fund, was today backed by a dream team of housing experts.

The National Affordable Housing Alliance (NAHA) was formed in late 2020 to focus on increasing the provision of social and affordable housing across Australia. It is made up of:

• Housing Industry Association

• Master Builders Australia

• Property Council of Australia

• Homelessness Australia

• National Shelter

• Community Housing Industry Association

• Industry Super Australia

• Australian Council and Trade Unions, and

• Australian Council of Social Services

Today, they released their first report which has recommended the establishment of a Social and Affordable Housing Fund, managed by the Future Fund Board of Guardians.

‘With this demonstrably successful track record, affordable housing is an attractive candidate to add to the existing suite of [future] funds.’

This is the same concept as Labor’s Housing Australia Future Fund, which we announced in May last year

Labor’s Housing Australia Future Fund will build 30,000 social and affordable homes across the country in its first five years.

There are not many housing policies that win the support of everyone from Master Builders Australia to the Australian Council of Social Services, but a Housing Future Fund is one of them.

These are bodies that don’t just build affordable housing, they do most of Australia’s building full stop.

The only people who oppose this idea are in the Morrison-Joyce Government.

Why? Because they don’t give a stuff about putting a roof over the head of homeless Aussies. 

Scott Morrison says it is someone else’s job (surprise, surprise) and the Housing Minister refuses to meet with most of these experts. 

The only way Australia will get real action on affordable housing is if we kick this tired, old government out and elect an Albanese Labor Government.