Cost of rent through the roof

Renters are paying thousands of dollars more this year to keep a roof over their head, making it harder and harder to get ahead at a time when wages have flatlined.
After almost a decade in Government, housing affordability has only got worse under the Liberal-National Party, especially for families, students, pensioners, and young people, who rent.
Rent has skyrocketed across most of the country. In regional Australia it is through the roof.

Source: Domain Rental Report, September 2021

This is the biggest bill that millions of Australians pay every week and many are struggling to keep up.
The fact that Scott Morrison says this isn’t a problem shows just how out of touch he is.
He needs to get out of the Lodge and into the real world. 
From childcare and petrol to out of pocket health costs and rent, families know that it’s harder to get ahead under the Morrison Government.
Labor has a real plan to make sure Australia builds back from this pandemic stronger, more self-reliant, more inclusive.
This includes building more affordable housing. An Albanese Labor Government will establish the Housing Australia Future Fund which will build 30,000 social and affordable homes across the country.
Over the first five years, an Albanese Labor Government will build:

  • 20,000 new social housing properties, including 4,000 homes for women and children fleeing domestic and family violence and older women on low incomes who are at risk of homelessness; and 
  • 10,000 affordable homes for the heroes of the pandemic – frontline workers like police, nurses and cleaners that kept us safe in the covid pandemic.