World Homelessness day 2021


Today on World Homelessness Day there are more Australians homeless than ever before. 

The statistics are shocking.

  • More than 116,000 people are homeless in Australia according to the 2016 census, and this number is expected rise in the most recent census;
  • Around 90,000 people access special homelessness services each month, and around a third of these are children;
  • Last financial year, 95,000 people were turned away from homelessness services because they didn’t have the resources they needed to help them;
  • Only a third of rough sleepers who were given emergency accommodation during the pandemic have been moved into long-term housing.

We need to build more homes for homeless Aussies.

That’s what Labor’s Housing Australia Future Fund will do – build 30,000 social and affordable homes right across the country.

The COVID pandemic has made it clear just how important safe and affordable housing is. We have all been told to stay home to keep safe. You can’t stay home, though, if you don’t have one.

Homelessness is getting worse, not better, and the Morrison-Joyce Government has barely done a thing to keep up with demand.

Despite spending $100 billion on infrastructure in the last Budget, the Morrison-Joyce Government couldn’t find one extra cent for social housing.

With more Australians homeless than ever before, only an Albanese Labor Government will do something to put a roof over the head of Australians who desperately need one.