Urgent Relief Required for Renters

With an extended lockdown looming, renters deserve support to keep a roof over their heads.

For many families, the biggest household expense is rent.

Labor is calling on the Federal and NSW Governments to consider the measures we called for last year:
• Eviction moratorium – Preventing landlords commencing eviction proceedings for a failure to pay rent as a result of financial hardship caused by the virus. The NSW Government should delay the six-month transitional period and return to the tenancy moratorium introduced in April 2020.
• Rent relief – The NSW Government rent relief package last year didn’t work. Only 4.6 per cent of the $220 million promised to help tenants struggling to pay the rent was spent, with the unspent funds returned to consolidated revenue. That unused money from last year could be used now in a simple, accessible package that actually helps people struggling to pay the rent.
• Utility payment holidays – extended and penalty free periods to pay the phone, gas, internet and power bills without fear the service will be cut off.
Last year measures like this were considered by National Cabinet. The Morrison Government should give this matter that kind of consideration again.

We urge NSW and the Commonwealth to act immediately.

Hurry up!