Fix it or Labor will


Labor is calling on the Morrison Government to lift the price cap for the Family Home Guarantee to help single parents buy a home in Launceston.
If the Liberals don’t fix it, Labor will. 
The Government’s Family Home Guarantee has a price cap of $300,000 for homes in North East Tasmania. 
As reported by the Launceston Examiner last week, there are just two homes currently for sale in the Launceston region that are suitable for a single parent with two children listed under $300,000. 
The existing price cap is obviously too low and doesn’t work in Launceston. 
It’s harder to buy a home than ever before. In the last year, Tasmanian property prices outside Hobart have risen by a staggering 18 per cent.
The Morrison Government should not be locking Tasmanians out of schemes that might help.
A week ago, I said in Parliament:
“Mark my words: once he reads this article and sees what the newspaper is saying is true, I suspect that by this time next week, the Minister will be back and increasing that price cap for Launceston, because it’s the right thing to do, because it makes sense, because it means that more people will be able to benefit from the scheme.”
I was wrong. Scott Morrison and Bridget Archer obviously don’t care enough to make this simple change.