Support for Housing Australia Future Fund keeps going up and up

A week after Labor’s $10 billion Housing Australia Future Fund was announced and the endorsements keep coming in from everyone from the Real Estate Institute to Reverend Bill Crews AM. 

The reason is pretty simple – it will create jobs, build homes and change lives. 

Here are some of endorsements the Housing Australia Future Fund has received in the last few days: 

“Their program is really wonderful because there are so many people who need cheap, affordable public housing.” – Reverend Bill Crews

“For years we have been saying that the Federal Government should be leading efforts to build social housing. Housing is a national problem and it needs national leadership.” – Kasy Chambers, Executive Director – Anglicare Australia

“For too long we have seen successive governments tinker around the edges of social and affordable housing policy… Housing is a fundamental human right, and we welcome the opposition leader’s recognition of this in his budget reply speech… The Institute particularly welcomes the focus on constructing new social and affordable housing for the most vulnerable and most in-need sectors of our community.” – Julia Cambage, CEO – Australian Institute of Architects

“It will work… We really welcome this announcement of the Housing Australia Future Fund… We have a crisis, we need an investment and I think this future fund is about a partnership between federal and state governments as well as community sector organisations to actually build, then make sure this housing is available for those on low incomes.” – Jack de Groot, CEO – St Vincent De Paul NSW

“If a Future Fund style model sustainably finances the gap for community housing providers without top up from the public purse, then that is a sensible thing and puts the sector in good stead… In particular housing support for families fleeing domestic violence situations is both most welcomed and much needed.” – Adrian Kelly, President – Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA)

“Our response to COVID-19 has shown that ending homelessness is possible but needs leadership, which the Labor Party has demonstrated with the creation of this fund… We especially welcome Labor’s commitment to a $30 million investment for housing and specialist services for veterans who are experiencing homelessness or at-risk homelessness.” – Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH)

“It’s a positive start… action on homelessness and housing is desperately needed”. – Owen Wilson, Chief Executive – REA Group

“We welcome federal Labor’s commitment to $10 billion in funding for social and affordable housing in the Budget Reply. We need to see strong leadership & federal and local governments working together to ensure affordable, appropriate housing is accessible to all.” – ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS)

“The announcement by Opposition Leader Albanese in Budget 2021 reply speech that the ALP will establish a Housing Future Fund to create 30,000 social and affordable homes is a significant policy commitment that will create jobs, stimulate economic activity and provide much needed housing for people struggling in the private rental market. Let’s hope the Federal Government can make a similar commitment before the next election.” – Stephen McIntyre, CEO – Wentworth Community Housing

“The Housing Trust and the community housing sector, along with all of our homelessness peak bodies, is applauding this announcement by Labor federally.” – Michelle Adair, CEO – Housing Trust and Chair of CHIA

“Mission Australia is encouraged that Labor’s Budget reply recognises the leadership that the Federal Government can & should have in investing in social & affordable housing beyond NHFIC. It’s an important step towards addressing homelessness.” – James Toomey, CEO – Mission Australia

This is in addition to the many other endorsements of Labor’s Housing Australia Future Fund immediately after it was announced:

“Last year when the country was in the grip of the pandemic and the economy was locked down, Master Builders in conjunction with the CFMEU, called for a $10 billion social housing stimulus fund… The Opposition Leader and the Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness have listened. We applaud the Opposition’s $10 billion social and affordable housing fund,”    – Denita Wawn, CEO – Master Builders Australia  

“The $10 Billion Housing Australia Future Fund is a landmark proposal to create 30,000 new CHP delivered social and affordable homes that promises to safeguard the futures of tens of thousands of Australians.”   – Nicholas Proud, CEO – Powerhousing Australia  

“Given that family violence is the leading cause of homelessness, it is reassuring to see that four thousand of the 20,000 dwellings will be allocated to older women and families fleeing domestic violence and that $100 million has been set aside for crisis and transitional housing”.  – Claire Victory, National President – St Vincent de Paul Australia  

“Investment at this scale will be the largest ongoing investment we’ve seen and make a massive dent in social housing budget.”  – Adrian Pisarski, CEO – National Shelter  

“Housing affordability is a dire issue for Australia and the Housing Australia Future Fund is an innovative approach to house less fortunate Australians. We need greater supply across the entire housing spectrum, and this investment would certainly be welcome by the industry.”  – Ken Morrison, CEO – Property Council Australia  

“We’re pleased this policy recognises the important role the Federal Government plays in supporting growth in social housing. Up until 1996 the Federal Government supported the states and territories to build around 10,000 homes every year.” – Jenny Smith, Chair – Homelessness Australia  

“It is noteworthy that federal Labor recognises the important role for the commonwealth in social and affordable housing. The states simply cannot solve the rising problem of housing stress and homelessness without the commonwealth’s financial firepower.” “(Labor’s) commitment to devote one-fifth of these homes to women and children escaping violence also deserves recognition.” – Kate Colvin, Spokesperson – Everybody’s Home  

“ACOSS welcomes the $10 billion fund for 20,000 social and 10,000 affordable homes housing policy announced by Federal Labor tonight, as a promising start to addressing homelessness in Australia.”  – Cassandra Goldie, CEO – Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS)  

“The Federal Opposition’s promise to create a $10 billion Housing Australia Future Fund is an important step in continuing to bolster social and affordable housing as part of the diversity of options needed.”   – Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA)  

“The Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA) welcomes the announcement by Opposition leader Anthony Albanese that a Labor government would set up an Australian Housing Future Fund, to build social and affordable housing.” – Wendy Hayhurst, CEO – CHIA  

The only people who are opposed to the Housing Australia Future Fund are the Liberal Party and the National Party. 

The people who, over eight long years in government, have sat by and just seen housing affordability get worse and worse. 

FRIDAY 21 MAY 2021