This is not a joke: Homelessness Minister refuses to meet with homelessness organisations

One of Australia’s peak bodies for homelessness has taken the extraordinary step of writing to the Prime Minister to make an official complaint that his Minister for Homelessness Michael Sukkar refuses to meet with them.  

The letter from National Shelter says the organisation has “been unable to secure a meeting with the Minister himself despite repeated requests”. 

They’re not the only ones. The Minister for Homelessness has also ignored requests from a number of organisations including Homelessness Australia to discuss funding cuts to vital homelessness services for women and children escaping domestic violence.  

These organisations are the voices of the voiceless and they have been turned away like so many of the people they represent.

Not only does he refuse to meet with organisations dedicated to helping homeless Aussies, he barely even says the word. 

Since becoming Minister for Homelessness 135 days ago, Michael Sukkar has only mentioned the word “homelessness” on two of those days. 

Once in the Parliament when responding to a Matter of Public Importance (MPI). 

The second time when he was questioned by a journalist and he responded by saying it’s not his job. 

At least his predecessor Luke Howarth tried to put a “positive spin” on homelessness.  

More Australians are homeless than ever before. 

If this bloke really thinks it is not his job to do something about homelessness, then give the job to someone who cares.