Applicants could be left with no HomeBuilder grant unless scheme is fixed

The housing construction industry has warned that shortages of timber, caused by the bushfires and a lack of imports, could mean they won’t comply with the current HomeBuilder rules.
That means there is a risk some applicants won’t get the money.
Under the current HomeBuilder guidelines construction must commence within six months of signing the contract.
Timber shortages are making this very difficult.
Under the current rules, if construction does not commence within six months of signing the contract, the homeowner who applied for the grant is not entitled to it.
That’s why Labor is calling on the Government to extend the HomeBuilder Scheme’s construction commencement timeframe from six to twelve months.
This is a simple, sensible thing to do.  It will make it easier for builders to comply with the rules and make sure that homeowners don’t miss out on the grant.
It will also mean more work for the housing construction industry next year when it is expected to drop off.
According to the Housing Industry Association about 180,000 homes will be built this year.  This is expected to drop to about 145,000 next year, then 143,000 in 2023.
The Government needs to make this change now.
Last year Labor called for changes to the HomeBuilder Scheme to increase the price caps in places like Sydney.  The Government made this change and it has helped more people access the scheme.
This is another commonsense change that is needed now.