Liberals rip off struggling renters

Last year, the NSW Government promised $220 million to help renters who were in financial stress because of the pandemic pay the rent.

Today it was revealed in the Sydney Morning Herald that only 4.6 per cent of that $220 million has been given to people struggling to pay the rent.
The rest is still sitting in the NSW Government bank account.
This is unbelievable. The NSW Liberal Government should hang their head in shame. 
This is straight out of the Scott Morrison playbook – make a big announcement and then do absolutely nothing.
And now just as JobKeeper is about to end and more people could lose their jobs, the NSW Liberal Government is shutting the whole scheme down and pocketing the dough.
It’s bloody appalling.

It’s hard to pay the rent if you don’t have job, and according to Treasury up to 100,000 people could lose their jobs when JobKeeper ends.
The NSW Liberal Government need to fix it fast and get help to the people who really need it.
There are other schemes like this in other states. National Cabinet needs to look at all these schemes urgently and make sure they are working and are easy to access for people struggling to pay the rent.