Government turns its back on bushfire brothers

Peter and David Abel are twins who have lived together their whole life. After losing their home in the bushfires, they tried to access the $25,000 HomeBuilder grant to rebuild.
Because they’re brothers, not a couple, the Government says they’re not entitled to the grant. That’s just unfair.
A couple who wants to add an extra floor to a two-story house can get the $25,000, but brothers who lost their home in the Black Summer Bushfires can’t.
If anyone deserves a bit of help to rebuild a home, it’s the people like Peter and David who lost their home in the bushfires.
Labor has repeatedly called on the Prime Minister to make changes to the HomeBuilder Scheme to help ensure people who had their homes burn down in the Black Summer Bushfires don’t miss out.
We urge the Prime Minister to show a bit of heart and common sense here.
A year ago, Scott Morrison said he didn’t hold a hose. We are just asking him to hold a pen and change the guidelines to help people like Peter and David. 
Even the coldest heart wouldn’t abandon bushfire victims twice.
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