Bushfire victims should get Homebuilder extension


Many of the 3,000 Australian families who lost their homes in last summer’s bushfires will miss out on the HomeBuilder grant because they won’t be able to sign a contract for a new home by next March. 

If anyone deserves a bit of help to rebuild a home, it’s the people who lost their home in the bushfires.

Unfortunately most haven’t been able to put in an application so far because of delays with insurance, planning approvals and the sheer trauma of losing everything they have built. 

The Government is offering a smaller HomeBuilder grant if you sign a contact by March, but this timeframe will still be too short for most bushfire victims. 

Scott Morrison needs to show some heart and commonsense an extend the scheme for bushfire victims. 

These Aussies have been through something that no other home builder has been through this year. The delays they are going through are caused by things beyond their control. 

Labor wrote to the Prime Minister in June asking for special consideration to be made so that bushfire victims nationwide are not unfairly excluded. The Prime Minister wrote back and refused any special consideration for bushfire victims such as extending the deadline. 
Recent renovations to the HomeBuilder Scheme fail to acknowledge people who lost their homes in the bushfires and don’t go far enough.
A year ago Scott Morrison said he didn’t hold a hose. It’s time he offered the Australians a helping hand.