National Cabinet needs to make sure homeless Aussies are not thrown back out on the street

One of the real success stories of the last few months is what has been done to help thousands of desperate Aussies sleeping rough in our parks and streets.
According to the last Census about 8,200 people sleep rough every night somewhere in Australia. 
In the last few months more than 7,000 people sleeping rough or at risk of sleeping rough have been provided with a bed in one of the many empty motel and hotel rooms in our big cities.
The last few months has shown that if we really want to we can significantly reduce the number of Australians sleeping rough.
Now we are at a crossroads. Do we let these Australians just go back to sleeping on the street or in the park or do we provide them with a more permanent roof over their head?
State Governments have done some good work here, but we really need a bit of national leadership. 
The National Cabinet needs to make sure that the homeless Aussies we helped at the height of the pandemic are not thrown back on the street in the next few months.
The Australian Alliance to End Homelessness has written the Prime Minister today calling on the government to help make sure these homeless Australians are not tipped back on the street.
The letter is supported by 70 organisations from across the country including Anglicare Australia, Community Housing Industry Australia, Homelessness Australia, Mission Australia, The Salvation Army and Uniting Care Australia.