HomeBlunder: One Month On and Only One State Can Apply

It’s been one month since the HomeBuilder Scheme was announced by the Morrison Government and Australians in only one state or territory can apply for the $25,000 grant.
The Morrison Government failed to consult with states and territories before the HomeBuilder Scheme was announced which has caused ongoing delays to the application process.
The Minister for Housing says HomeBuilder is doing exactly what it intended to but clicking on a link will not save a single tradie job.
Thousands of Australians have no idea how to access the scheme and are expected to make large financial commitments ahead of the looming 31 December deadline.
Housing construction work is about to fall off a cliff and the Morrison Government has produced a badly targeted, inadequate scheme, with very little detail on how to access it.

This is a Government that is good at making announcements but fails to deliver them.

Labor has repeatedly called on the Morrison Government to ensure that their construction support package included: 

1. Construction of more social housing;
2. Repair and maintenance of existing social housing;
3. Construction of more affordable rental accommodation for frontline workers;
4. Expansion of the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme for new builds; and
5. Grants to first home buyers who build their first home.

Tradies deserve better.

Home buyers deserve better.

Home renovators deserve better.

Thousands of Australians on public housing waiting lists deserve better.