Bushfire victims will be excluded from help to rebuild


At least 750 families in Eden-Monaro had their homes burnt down over summer. Now, to add insult to injury, it looks like a lot of these families could miss out on a $25,000 grant to rebuild their homes that the Government is providing to other families.
People of Eden-Monaro felt abandoned by the Morrison Government in the bushfires, now they have been overlooked again.
To receive the Government’s $25,000 HomeBuilder grant, applicants have to sign a contract to build a new home by the end of the year. Many locals who lost their homes have told Kristy McBain they won’t be able to do that because of delays with clearing debris, approvals and the trauma from the last few months.
Labor wrote to the Prime Minister to ask for special consideration to be made so that bushfire victims nationwide are not unfairly excluded from the HomeBuilder Scheme. The Prime Minister wrote back yesterday and refused any special consideration for bushfire victims such as extending the contract date past December 31.
In addition to homes lost, thousands of families in Eden-Monaro live in fire-prone areas and narrowly avoided losing their homes. There are a lot of local families who want to upgrade homes to make them more fire-safe. But this costs money.
That’s why Kristy McBain’s Local Jobs Plan for Eden-Monaro calls for the Federal Government to consider providing grants to homeowners in need to assist them in making their homes safer.
This would be a win-win for local communities. It would make homes safer and provide much-needed work for local businesses.
If you think it’s unfair that bushfire victims miss out on HomeBuilder, this election is a chance to send the Government a message.