Rushed repairs don’t fix HomeBlunder

Just two weeks after the Morrison Government announced its HomeBlunder scheme, it has quietly tried to patch up some of the many holes in it.

These rushed changes make it clear that the Government bungled this scheme from the start.

Unfortunately these changes are not enough to save the jobs of thousands of Australian tradies.

The Government has still failed to ensure that people who lost their homes in the recent bushfires will be able to get access to the scheme and invest one dollar to build and repair social housing.

The Government has also failed to fix issues identitied by stakeholders with purchasing property off the plan.

There is also still no system in place for a single Australian to make a formal application for this grant.

The Minister appears to be so ashamed of this program and the basic errors he has made, that he has chosen not even to announce them, but simply to slip them into the factsheet.

Homebuyers deserve better.

Tradies deserve better.

People on public housing waiting lists deserve better.