Zero applications for HomeBlunder

Almost a week after the announcement of HomeBuilder the Government is yet to receive a single application for the scheme.


Despite desperately promoting this poorly conceived and inadequate scheme, the Government has developed no capacity to receive applications.


While the clock ticks to December 31, when the scheme ends, Australians are expected to make huge financial decisions, with no certainty of whether they qualify.


Not only are Australians who earn less than $125,000 a year expected to spend more than $150,000 on a renovation, they are expected to enter into a contract now, with no certainty of whether they qualify for the grant.


The Federal Government website only asks people to provide their email address so they can “receive updates when more information is available,” and provides a fact sheet that refers people to state and territory revenue offices.


State revenue office websites refer applicants back to the federal website.


No wonder the government indicates the website has received over 130,000 views – it’s probably the same people circling in constant frustration.


In Question Time today Labor asked the Treasurer how many Australians does the Government expect to spend more than $150,000 on a renovation?


The answer, “7000,” was as disappointing as the program.


Housing construction work is about to fall off a cliff and the Morrison Government has produced an ill-conceived, inadequate scheme, with no detail on how to access it.


Tradies deserve better.


Home buyers deserve better.


Home renovators deserve better.


Thousands of Australians on public housing waiting lists deserve better.


Labor is growing increasingly concerned that the inadequacy of this scheme will mean the only thing many tradies will be building in the next few months is a longer line outside Centrelink.