Communities will lose their voice in National Cabinet without Local Government


Today the Prime Minister has kicked local government to the curb.

Excluding local government from the National Cabinet isn’t just an insult for local communities, it’s bad for economic recovery.

This is the first time in 28 years that local government has been excluded from the highest level of decision making in Australia.

Today’s decision shows the Prime Minister doesn’t understand or appreciate the important role that local government plays in creating jobs, building communities and getting us out of this current economic crisis.

Local government is critical getting us out of this economic crisis.  

Local councils played a vital role in getting us through the Global Financial Crisis and they can do that again.

That’s why they need to be at the main table.

Local government was excluded from the National Cabinet set up in March and the result was its workers were excluded from the JobKeeper program.

Now, just as local councils are being asked to help roll out economic stimulus projects to get Australia back to work, they are being kicked off the main table where the key decisions will be made to get us out of this crisis.

Local councils know what their communities need – what will create local jobs and what will help get local economies back on their feet.

They are critical in making sure that JobMaker is not just another slogan.  

FRIDAY, 29 MAY 2020