Tradies in trouble – no plan to help


Housing construction work is about to fall off a cliff and the Morrison Government has no plan to help tradies in trouble. 

In Question Time today Labor asked the government if would develop a Housing Construction Stimulus plan to prevent carpenters, bricklayers, electricians and other tradies losing their jobs as work in the housing industry dries up 

Minister for Housing Michael Sukker fumbled his way through a list of housing programs in effect prior to the COVID-19 crisis, and programs like JobKeeper, that will be gone, by the time tradies need them. 

The lack of empathy by this government for tradies about to lose their jobs, and the lack of any plan to prevent it, is jaw dropping.


The housing industry has been screaming out for help for 3 weeks. It is obvious now the government is not listening. It needs to get its head out of the sand.


The Master Builders Association has warned that “work is fast running out and new orders have fallen off a cliff.”


Factoring in each of the Minister’s current housing programs, the housing industry expects the number of homes built this year to fall from 160,000 to as low as 100,000.  

If this happens many tradies will end up on the dole queue and a lot of mum and dad small construction businesses will hit the fence.





Authorised by Paul Erickson, ALP, Canberra