Coronavirus: Labor’s call to support our healthcare heroes


Our frontline health care workers are heroes in this health emergency and deserve as much support as possible from us to keep saving lives.

With reports this week of health workers being publicly abused on public transport because of their day-to-day proximity to the virus, more and more workers are driving to the hospitals where they work so they can arrive safely.

Labor condemns anyone who vilifies health workers and we call upon all Australians to throw their full support behind each and every worker in the healthcare sector.

These people are caring for the victims of this pandemic and they are keeping our health system running.

So today, Federal Labor is calling for coordination across all levels of Government to provide two tangible support mechanisms to help our heroes through this crisis.

Firstly, Labor is applauding local councils that have already acted to provide free parking to hospital workers during the Coronavirus pandemic, and encouraging all levels of government to do the same.

Free parking is a gesture of respect. It’s the least we can do.

Canterbury – Bankstown has acted today, with Mayor, Khal Asfour, announcing all health and hospital workers would receive a special COVID-19 exemption sticker, allowing them to park for free near hospitals within council boundaries.

Secondly, Labor has written yesterday to the Minister for Health, Greg Hunt to express our concern for untenable living arrangements for many critical frontline health professionals.

In many cases, health care professionals live with others who are vulnerable and at higher risk of complication if they contract the virus.

These workers are burdened by putting those they live with at risk while wanting to continue to work to contribute through this crisis.

The Federal Government should coordinate with all levels of government to ensure that eligible health workers have the accommodation they need to continue to work.

We must do everything possible to support the frontline healthcare staff that are supporting us at this critical time.

This virus does not discriminate. We are all in this together. All levels of government, unions, civil society, and the community in general, should unite to support our dedicated healthcare workers through this unprecedented health emergency.