Coronavirus: Common sense rental relief welcome

Tonight’s announcement by the National Cabinet on an eviction moratorium is welcomed by Labor.  

We have consistently said that no one should lose their home, whether they own it or rent it, because of the virus. This will help.

Our home is our castle.  In the next few months it is going to be our fortress.

Housing is now on the frontline of Australian healthcare.

More and more Australians are being told to stay at home. You can’t stay at home if you don’t have one. You can’t stay at home if you’ve been evicted because you’ve lost your job and can’t pay the rent.

This week Tasmania acted unilaterally to address COVID-19 rental stress with a package of common-sense measures which protect both tenants and 

New Zealand acted last Monday and the UK acted the week before to protect mortgage-holders from foreclosure and tenants from eviction.

We are glad that all states and territories have now agreed to take similar sensible steps.

SUNDAY, 29 MARCH, 2020