Today’s BMF must lead to leadership and outcomes

 The Building Minister’s Forum today must result in federal leadership and a national plan to address the economic and public safety crisis affecting the building and construction industry.
The Government needs to stop the blame game, take charge and outline a plan to fix this mess and ensure public safety. 
Minister Andrews can start by listening to the states and territories, and the building and insurance sectors and take leadership on key issues.
The construction industry is national and critical to the Australian economy. Building practitioners operate across borders and issues like public indemnity insurance, the importation of non-conforming building products, and phoenixing are unambiguously issues for the Federal Government.
Public safety is the responsibility of every level of government.
The rejected offer of a federal taskforce is not good enough and cannot be today’s outcome.
Each day the Morrison Government fails to take leadership and respond to the building industry crisis, businesses are closing down, the safety and lives of Australians are put at risk
The regulatory and enforcement regime is broken, and leadership on this issue is needed to improve compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC) and toughen up penalties.
Australians deserve to feel safe – especially in their own homes and workplaces.