Government Must Fix Building Mess

The Government has today faced criticism and come under increasing pressure from a group of five of Australia’s largest business groups calling for action on serious issues faced by the building industry.
The group warns of declining public confidence and the economic impact a damaged building and construction industry will have on the Australian economy.
Significant issues have been raised with the compliance and enforcement systems of the building and construction industry, particularly with the use of non-compliant and dangerous flammable cladding.
Reports of more than a 1000 per cent increase in some certifier premiums shows a broken system where honest certifiers are paying the price of shonks.
Despite warnings, and numerous examples of unsafe buildings across the country, there has been a complete absence of leadership from the Federal Government.
The regulatory and enforcement regime is broken, and leadership on this issue is needed to improve compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC) and toughen up penalties.
In February 2018, the Shergold and Weir report Building Confidence made a number of recommendations to the government and warnings, including maintaining public confidence in the industry:
“The public needs to be assured that practitioners are trained and experienced in applying the (NCC). They also need confidence that they are people of integrity and that where possible they are covered by insurance.”
                                     BUILDING CONFIDENCE REPORT, FEBRUARY 2018

Labor calls on the Liberals to show national leadership and to work with state and territory governments to ensure buildings, including those for commercial and residential use, are up to the high standards that Australians expect.  

Each day the Morrison Government fails to respond to the widespread risks of dangerous building products, more Australian lives are put at risk.

Australians deserve to feel safe – especially in their own homes and workplaces. 

MONDAY, 15 JULY 2019