NAIF: Crappy 4th Birthday


Scott Morrison and the LNP’s failed Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund (NAIF) has just marked its fourth birthday.

While Morrison and the LNP can celebrate the millions of dollars in staff costs, travel perks and executive salaries they’ve paid to the NAIF board executive, Northern Australia has got nothing to show for the last four years of missed opportunities.

After four years of the LNP’s failed NAIF, this is the NAIF’s record:

  • Not a single cent spent in Queensland, and no Queensland jobs created.
  • More spent on staff and administration costs than on job generating projects.
  • Half of the politically biased board revealed to be LNP donors.
  • Auditor General slammed the NAIF’s bad governance and lack of integrity.
  • Failed to keep proper records.
  • Used private email servers to conduct official, politically sensitive business.
  • Unaddressed conflicts of interest.

The LNP’s NAIF is the most constipated organisation ever set up by the chaotic, Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Liberal National Party.

Labor will replace Morrison and the LNP’s failed NAIF with a new development fund that will help build nationally important infrastructure projects, like gas pipelines, across Queensland and the Northern Territory.

A few weeks ago, the Auditor-General handed down a scathing report on the failed NAIF. Labor will take into account all of the Auditor-General’s recommendations in the design of the new fund.

As part of these reforms a Shorten Labor Government will also:  

  • Allocate $1 billion from the Northern Australia Development Fund to tourism projects in the north. 
  • Appoint First Nations people to the new board of the Northern Australia Development Fund. 
  • Publicly release the First Nations job and procurement plans of all funded projects. 
  • Establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Indigenous Business Australia to provide additional financial support to First Nations-led business in the north.  
  • Establish an MOU with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and Energy Security Modernisation Fund (ESMF) to avoid duplication and support cooperation between the funds. 
  • Labor will also honour existing projects and keep the funding allocation to the existing NAIF of $5 billion.

This election is a choice between Labor’s plans to ensure that Northern Australia has the support it needs to create new jobs, or three more years of cuts and chaos under the Liberals.

End the chaos. Vote for change. Vote Labor.

SUNDAY, 12 MAY 2019

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