Pilbara NAIF loan


Labor welcomes news that the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) will invest $19.5 million to upgrade a publicly owned and open access road in the Pilbara.

Upgrades to Pippingarra Road will make travelling in the Pilbara safer by removing more heavy vehicles from main roads and bypassing three rail crossings. This is good news for locals, tourists and workers.

This upgrade will also be an important trade link, helping support local industry to expand, and get commodities to market faster.

It will support the expansion of Australia’s lithium rare earth mineral production in the Pilbara.

Australia has some of the biggest deposits of lithium and other rare earth minerals, which are found in mobile phones and other devices all around the world.

Developing these Australian resources is critical to powering the technological revolution this century.

Labor wants to see the NAIF deliver investment in job-generating infrastructure and we want to see the NAIF succeed.

Despite a slow trickle of announcements, more than three years after the NAIF was announced by the Government 99.9 per cent of the $5 billion fund has not been invested in job creating infrastructure in Northern Australia.


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