Trade Minister backs Labor trade plan


Labor’s plan to help Australian businesses tackle non-tariff barriers has received another endorsement – this time from the Trade Minister himself.
Non-tariff barriers are anything from product standards to labelling and certification requirements.
In October last year, Labor announced it would establish a cross-agency team with officers from the DFAT, Austrade and the Departments of Industry and Agriculture to help Australian exporters tackle non-tariff barriers to trade.
It has been backed by:

  • The National Farmers Federation
  • The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • The Export Council of Australia
  • The Business Council of Australia
  • Red Meat Advisory Council.

The policy is based on a model adopted by the New Zealand Government to tackle non-tariff barriers to trade.
Under Parliamentary questioning yesterday, Trade Minister Steve Ciobo indicated he was considering doing the same thing: 

I’m looking very closely at what New Zealand has done in relation to opportunities for an Interdepartmental Committee and I don’t want to use IDC loosely but I’m looking at opportunities for coordination between of course both the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Trade and Investment.
– Steve Ciobo, Consideration in Detail, Australian Parliament 18 June 2018

We welcome the Trade Minister’s support for Labor’s plan and we are happy to work with him to implement them.


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