NAIF: Stop talking – start doing

The LNP announced the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility three years ago and still not a single project in Central and North Queensland has been funded.

Labor will welcome NAIF funding for an abattoir in Clermont if that happens.

It should have happened years ago. Stop talking about it and just deliver it.

Turnbull has made big promises to Central Queensland.

He’s yet to deliver on any of them.

After three years, Queensland has not received a single cent from the NAIF for job-generating infrastructure.

The Northern Territory has. Western Australia has.

The people of Central and North Queensland are still waiting.

All they’ve seen from Turnbull and the LNP are cuts and projects left without funding.   

It’s not fair.

Turnbull cares more about the top end of town than he does about Clermont and Rockhampton – he’s out of touch and Michelle Landry is too weak to stand up for her community.

Michelle Landry stood in silence while Turnbull cut funding to local hospitals and schools to pay for his $17 billion tax cut for the big banks.

These cuts include:

  • $15 million cut from local schools
  • $4.2 million from local hospitals like Rockhampton and Clermont Hospital
  • $38 million cut from Central Queensland University.

Michelle Landry failed to secure any new money for Central Queensland in this year’s budget. There was nothing for roads, nothing for the Rookwood Weir and nothing for the South Rockhampton Flood Levee.

MONDAY, 21 MAY 2018

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