Turnbull’s 30 Biggest Failures


1. Giving a $65 billion tax handout to multinationals and big banks – who refuse to guarantee to create new jobs or give workers a pay rise.

2. Giving millionaires a $16,400 tax cut while increasing income taxes for ordinary working Australians earning less than $87,000. Under Turnbull’s plan the CEOs of the big banks are getting a tax cut while a nurse earning $60,000 gets a $300 tax increase every year.

3. Presiding over record low wages growth and making it even harder for Australians to make ends meet by supporting cuts to penalty rates which will reduce the take home pay of up to 700,000 hardworking Australians.  

4. Cut the pensions of around 370,000 Australiansby up to $12,000 every year thanks to changes to the pension assets test; axed the pensioner energy supplement; plans to increase the pension age to 70 – one of the oldest retirement ages in the developed world.

5. Cutting $17 billion from Australian schools and $2.2 billion from Australian universities.

6. Cutting $715 million out of Australian hospitals; cutting $300 million from dental health funding; freezing the Medicare rebate – forcing Australians to pay more to see the doctor; presiding over the longest average elective surgery waiting times in Australian history.

7. Refusing to crack down on the rorts and rip-offs in the private health insurance sector – private health insurance is now costing Australians $1000 more every year than when the Liberals were elected in 2013.

8. Making 279,000 families worse off under child care changes.

9. Telling young Australians struggling to afford their first home to get rich parents, while offering billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies to wealthy property investors.

10. Presiding over record high energy prices and rising emissions – carbon emissions are higher than when Turnbull took office and are projected to keep on rising.

11. The cost of Malcolm Turnbull’s second-rate copper NBN has blown out by over $29 billion and is years behind schedule, but he still managed to get a 100 megabit per second fibre NBN connection at his own harbour-side mansion.

12. Cutting $184 million from the Australian Federal Police over the next four years, with 151 Police personnel to go in the first year alone.

13. Gross debt has crashed through half-a-trillion dollars on the Liberals’ watch for the first time in the country’s history, with no peak in sight, and with record net debt for the next three years.

14. Presiding over a $23.6 billion deficit – eight times larger than the $2.8 billion deficit in the Liberals’ first horror Budget in 2014.

15. Floating a plan to address the “excesses” of negative gearing and capital gains tax before back flipping after being rolled by his conservative rivals in Cabinet.

16. Proposing to increase the rate of the GST by 50 per cent and broaden the base to make education and fresh food more expensive for every Australian.

17. Floating a plan to allow the States to levy their own income taxes.

18. Proposing withdrawing all Federal Government funding for schools and hospitals.

19. Reduced to governing with a single seat majority after losing 15 seats at the 2016 Federal election, despite tipping $1.75 million of his own money into the Liberal Party’s election coffers – making Turnbull the largest single political donor in Australian history.

20. Delivering the worst election night speech in Australian political history – a dummy spit where he blamed his failed campaign on a text message about the Liberals’ war on Medicare.

21. Losing 8 Ministers in less than three years thanks to rorts, misconduct and maladministration – including the unprecedented achievement of losing his Deputy Prime Minister twice in the space of just 4 months.

22. Failing to sack Michaelia Cash despite her misleading the Senate five times in relation to her office’s involvement in the leaking of details about AFP raids and using parliamentary privilege to smear Opposition staff.

23. Plunging his government into a new crisis after Senator Cory Bernardi deserted the Liberal Party over Turnbull’s failed leadership.

24. Responsible for the removal of more area from conservation than any government in any country ever.

25. Failing to show the same leadership demonstrated by John Howard in the 1990s by refusing to rule out a preference deal with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

26. Offering to trade away John Howard’s tough gun laws to buy votes from Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm.

27. Leading the first majority Government to lose a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives in over half a century, running out of legislation to debate in the Senate, voting against its own legislation and voting for an amendment condemning itself.

28. Cancelling Parliament after losing his majority on the floor of representatives amid fears he’d be rolled by his own Party Room on key policy issues and his own leadership.

29. Forced to establish a Royal Commission into the Banking and Financial Services Industry after being rolled by hostile backbenchers, despite spending years saying a Royal Commission was unnecessary.

30. Suffering the humiliation of being called on to quit by one of his own Coalition colleagues as NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro said Turnbull should stand aside as a Christmas gift to Australian people.


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