All talk Joyce and the Mouse of Mackay

“No” was the only word it took at Senate Estimates last night to prove once and for all that Barnaby Joyce is all talk, and that George Christensen acts like a Lion in Mackay but is a Mouse in Canberra.

CEO of the delay plagued Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility, Laurie Walker was asked if Barnaby Joyce has told the NAIF to speed up their process and get loans out the door.

Ms Walker’s response said it all.


(Senate Estimates, Thursday, 26 October 2017)

In turns out that in Darwin recently, when asked about NAIF delays Barnaby Joyce was all bluster when he said:

“I just want to make sure we start rolling the money out and that’s what I’m concentrating on at the moment. I’m very open about that. I’ve had that discussion with their board.”

(ABC, Darwin, 1 September 2017)

When confronted with Joyce’s statement the story didn’t change.                                  

SENATOR MURRAY WATT: So are you aware of any request or direction the Minister may have made along those lines to the board?

WALKER: No. I’m not.

NAIF was then asked about newspaper reports in which George Christensen said:

“Barnaby told me, he has already issued instructions to NAIF to speed up their processes.”

(Daily Mercury, 29 August 2017)

But guess what, nobody had any idea what he was talking about either.

As CEO Ms Walker is the person responsible for the flow of information to the board. If Joyce said it, she’d know.

Barnaby is all talk. He never delivers for northern Australia. And Christensen is a lion in Mackay but a mouse in Canberra. He never delivers for Mackay.

Joyce and Christensen tried to sound tough, but have wound up looking like fools.

Joyce is out of touch with northern Australia, he’s been too distracted by revelations he’s a Kiwi and concerns over his eligibility to be in Parliament to do his job properly.