Blueberry Farmers Let Down by Government


Blueberry farmers still can’t get access to the massive Chinese market because of Barnaby Joyce’s inaction.

China is one of the fastest growing blueberry markets in the world yet Australia farmers cannot access the market because the Australian Government has not established an export protocol with the Chinese Government.

Despite a recommendation by Horticulture Innovation Australia, Barnaby Joyce hasn’t even put blueberries on the priority list for export protocols with China.

That means Australian blueberry farmers are missing out on the Chinese market where demand for blueberries is growing at 20 per cent per annum, making blueberries the fastest growing fresh fruit category in China and worldwide.

Instead of eating Australian blueberries Chinese shoppers are eating blueberries from Canada, Chile, and Peru and Argentina.

While Barnaby Joyce has been sitting on his hands these countries have all signed export protocols with the Chinese Government for the export of blueberries.

Labor calls on the Government to expedite the creation of an export protocol and make Chinese market access for Australian blueberries a priority.