Tourism jobs boost for Northern Australia

Tourism infrastructure in Tropical North Queensland will get a boost under a Shorten Labor Government, following the announcement of a $1 billion into new tourism infrastructure in Northern Australia to support the industry and create new jobs.

Labor will establish the Northern Australia Tourism Infrastructure Fund to provide financing and concessional loans to build new tourism infrastructure in Northern Australia.

According to Tropical Tourism North Queensland, tourism is the main economic driver in the region and number one employer, with one in five people employed in the tourism industry.

The World Economic Forum’s 2017 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index ranked Australia 7th for overall competitiveness, but 14th for overall infrastructure.

Ground and port infrastructure in Australia is ranked 53rd.

That’s not good enough.

Northern Australia sits on the doorstep of the world’s fastest growing middle class in Asia. By 2030, there will be three billion middle class consumers just to our north.

Labor wants them go to Northern Australia for their holidays.

But, we know we have to make sure that Northern Australia can compete with other world-class destinations.

That’s why we will invest $1 billion in upgrading airports, tourist trails and ports to make it as easy as possible for tourists to enjoy all Australia has to offer.

The Fund will be fully offset by the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility that is yet to invest a single dollar.

MONDAY, 31 JULY 2017