Northern Australia Infrastructure Fail

Malcolm Turnbull’s unfair Budget is not investing any new money on infrastructure for North Queensland while embarking on a cash splash in the south.

The Turnbull Budget proves again that he does not care about North Queensland.

Two years after the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund (NAIF) was announced, Malcolm Turnbull has failed to invest a single dollar from the NAIF while investing billions in new infrastructure for places like Sydney and Melbourne.

This is a Budget for millionaires in the south who get a $16,400 tax cut while North Queenslanders earning $65,000 will pay $325 more tax in two years’ time.

Malcolm Turnbull announced he might spend billions buying the Snowy Hydro Scheme from Victoria and NSW but has not spent a cent on hydro power for North Queensland.

By contrast, just last week Labor has announced that if elected we would deliver:

  • $200 million for hydro power and $100 million for Townsville water security.
  • $25 million to build the South Rockhampton Flood Levy.

The only money in the budget for North Queensland jobs is money that Malcolm Turnbull announced last year but hasn’t been bothered spending.

This Budget fails the jobs test – unemployment is going up.

It fails the fairness test with North Queenslanders being left behind to pay for big projects in the south.