Turnbull A Fraud If He Waives Labour Market Testing In Trade Deals

Malcolm Turnbull’s Facebook video will mean nothing if he waives labour market testing as part of trade deals, including the agreements currently being negotiated with Indonesia and India.

Malcolm Turnbull’s record on signing away Australian jobs in trade deals proves he is a hypocrite when it comes to Australian jobs.

Labour market testing requires a business to check if an Australian can do a job first, before bringing in a worker from overseas.

Last year Malcolm Turnbull negotiated away this requirement, in the now-dead Trans Pacific Partnership.

In this deal, killed off by Donald Trump, Malcolm Turnbull removed the requirement of labour market testing for workers coming from six different countries – Brunei, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru and Vietnam.

Checking if an Australian can do a job before giving it to a worker from overseas is just common sense.

Malcolm Turnbull needs to come clean tell Australians if he is currently negotiating to sign away labour market testing for jobs like plumbers, electricians, carpenters and mechanics as part of trade negotiations with Indonesia and India. 

If he is it will prove that the only job he is interested in protecting is his own.