Labor Welcomes More Trade With China Next Step – RCEP

Labor welcomes the further expansion of trade with China – Australia’s largest trading partner.

This is great news for Australian meat exporters and means more Australian beef will get to Chinese tables.

By 2030 Asia will be home to three billion middle class consumers.

To grow our economy and create jobs, the Government must focus its attention on helping local businesses sell their goods and services to Asia.

The free trade agreement with China is just the start – the Government has more work to do to make sure Australian businesses and farmers can easily get their goods to customers.

Other industries like the Australian wine industry as well as dairy and blueberry farmers are currently facing challenges accessing this important market.

The Government’s next priority must be improving market access to China for industries like this.

The next step in capitalising on Australia’s trading relationships with Asia should be finalising negotiations on the Regional Cooperative Economic Partnership (RCEP).

RCEP will underpin trade in the region and it’s important that the Government secures a good deal for Australians.

I am in China this weekend to participate in the Boao Forum, founded with the help of former Prime Minister Bob Hawke to strengthen relationships in the region.

Labor has always been focussed on the opportunities for Australia that lie in our region.

The key to Australia’s economic future is our ability to sell our goods and services to markets to our north.